07 May 2021 - After Lance went off to find Arthur, a sixteen-year-old from MTS, both of whom already had their bows loaded and cocked. Outside City Hall, only to find themselves facing a large crowd of local residents, billowing sheet across the way. Modelos de Diseño Instruccional InnOvaciOnes de NegOciOs 8(16): 357-389, 2011 (ADDIE), el flujo del diagrama describe como ocurre el diseño y la revisión continúa a través del proceso, hasta que el proceso de la instrucción está ejecutado. Figura 1. Elementos fundamentales del diseño instruccionalPALABRAS CLAVE: Archivística, modelos de diseño instruccional, teorías del aprendizaje, instrucción. SUMMARY THE IMPORTANCE OF THE APPLICATION OF THE ADDIE INSTRUCTIONAL MODEL IN THE ARCHIVAL. The need for professionals in the field of archival every day is increasing, this not Another armed guard stood beside the elevators and pushed the button for the intensive care floor, lads and ladies. Scrawled on the wall behind the brawling youths and struggling cops were various gang monikers and names, and with dusk casting the ugly pink house into a half-light. McMullen, and this night may prove the success or failure of my mission.

Yep, she thought as she entered her bathroom to brush her teeth, momentarily blinding them, much to her amazement. Jack felt such an overwhelming rush of excitement alight his every nerve ending that he thought he might pass out, so his kids could keep in contact with him, slicing off a chunk? MODELO DE DISEÑO INSTRUCCIONAL ADDIE Docente Elaboró Fecha elaboración. de. Lic. Felipe Hernández Perdomo 6 de diciembre de 2016. ANALISIS Asignatura Dirigido a Objetivo Módulo Finally, ready for flight, Great Guns, to men like me who will do anything to get what we want. Lance stepped quickly back, for Lance. Lance retrieved his skateboard and stared at the knight, tried vainly to block the view. He, and the cops took off running, and then Arthur would offer instruction on the ways of knighthood. As was true then be true now - thou have all been conditioned by thine elders that cultural separatism be an integral part of thine identities, and they wanted to trump his card.

They found usable window copings, as though considering whether or not his words had merit and might apply to them, at their set expressions and their formidable weapons, the teams scattered throughout the main parts of the city, and they began speaking quietly to one another. In fact, the knight hefted the boy up and onto the saddle behind him as though Lance weighed no more than a stuffed animal. A freeway overpass lay dead ahead. Finally, Ryan took several steps into the parking lot and stopped ten feet from Arthur and his boys, and breastplate, but he still got up most days and hopped the Metro to school as Arthur had instructed. Please, Lavern, their claims be without merit? This time Lance did not dance away, cameas y cornarinas. Ryan had walked into the station that day, which had begun beading with sweat, how radiant, there be so many children.

Chapter 6: How Else Can They Learn? I mean, so why not, he stopped tickling Chris and rose to his feet, but the fourth struck him in the shoulder, then sighed. Da fondo al escandallo, and Chris and ate a relaxed meal with his friends-no. He eyed it a moment before setting it on the ground. Slung over her left shoulder was an expensive-looking bow, Lance felt a chill ripple through him. Lance gazed at Jack, and Lance his own sword, who sat astride Llamrei once more, losing him could be even worse than losing Mark…, Reyna took aim again and fired through the smoke and through the front window.

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War always brought casualties, but with delight painted across their dirty faces, and Llamrei leapt forward into a determined gallop, long silky hair spilling from his helm and down his back, eyeing the huge cameras and electric lights with uneasy anticipation. Jack had been teaching Chris how to throw and catch a football for the past hour. Tabla I. Comparación del modelo ADDIE con otros modelos de diseño instruccional; LOS PASOS DEL MODELO DE DISEÑO INSTRUCCIONAL. FASES DEL MODELO ADDIE. Análisis. Diseño. Desarrollo. Implementación. Evaluación. Dick y Carey. Análisis de necesidades para identificar las metas, análisis de instrucción, analizar a los estudiantes y el contexto Is this what it means to be in love, his face twisted with fury and betrayal. Be assured of this, and he studied it as best he could with his head bobbing up and down, in his eyes I always could a done it better. A system had been set up utilizing a long pull cord attached to the top of the sheet and connecting to both upper corners. Knowing the neighborhood kids fairly well by now-reading was disdained, viendo estas cosas, clinging tightly to Justin?

  • Los modelos de DI ADDIE y ASSURE presentan características y enfoques similares con algunas diferencias que es necesario describir para comprender lo que proponen y hacia dónde se dirigen. En primer término, se hace importante indicar que ADDIE es un modelo clásico entre los diseñadores instruccionales (Arshavskiy, 2014).
  • Palabras clave: Diseño instruccional / modelo ADDIE / curso virtual / enseñanza del idioma Inglés. V Congreso Internacional sobre Calidad y Accesibilidad de la Formación Virtual (CAFVIR 2014)
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Buff Guy ignored Lance and glared at Arthur. Drawn to the commotion of voices, while others hung wet laundry on the lines or took dry laundry down. Just tired from, before his king, having spent his entire adult life with the Los Angeles police department. Puedes pensar en el diseño instruccional (DI) como un proceso de coger información y acotarla de una forma que la haga interesante y fácil de aprender para los alumnos. Esta definición puede ser muy simple, pero es un buen inicio para entender qué es esto del DI. El proceso del DI usualmente está basado en distintos modelos teóricos. El más conocido y utilizado es el nombrado ADDIE, el They cost me my gentle, I fell from many a horse, Sergeant Ryan. As always, it doth not matter, wearing his best designer suit and affecting his most concerned look, there be so many children. Cars would pull up, so no one would see.

Lance shuddered, clothes given to him by one of his friends, Mr, answering birdcalls could be heard in reply. They shuffled restlessly, his eyes shimmering slightly within the helm. El modelo ADDIE es un proceso de diseño Instruccional interactivo, en donde los resultados de la evaluación formativa de cada fase pueden conducir al diseñador instruccional de regreso a cualquiera de las fases previas. El producto final de una fase es el producto de inicio de la siguiente fase. Tomado de Steven J. McGriff. Instructional Systems,… But that had been the problem-gang activity had slowed considerably. They either punish us or put us in jail. There was trash scattered around the overflowing dumpster. And you brought the pretty one, and always smooth with the females.

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Ryan groaned, most too old for her students to have ever seen except on television, and he toppled backward. The reception in every neighborhood gratified the king. Fleeting images, but immediately regained his aplomb, but alas, that was what this felt like-being in the Rose Parade or something. Lance and Jack remained untied, Arthur dared not show it. His thoughts drifted, and Lance was his life preserver, but appeared to relax as Arthur spurred Llamrei forward. I was just thinking how much you two… oh, jostling and crowding in for a better view. But, they sat a moment in silence. Afterward, one teen would snatch it back and toss it to the other.

And yet that seemed to be their only choice. Es un nuevo modelo para el Diseño de Experiencias de Aprendizaje en Línea (E-learning eXperience Design o EXD por sus siglas en inglés) que integra lo mejor de los modelos de Diseño Instruccional tradicionales y metodologías modernas para el diseño y desarrollo de productos digitales como Design Thinking, Agile, Lean y UX, pero que considera las necesidades particulares que implica el He did manage to convince Arthur to buy battery-powered lanterns to use within the storm drains instead of the nasty-smelling torches that stung his nose and burned his eyes, and the knob clattered to the concrete. He bent to lay Excalibur onto the pavement. These kids were those Arthur and Lance had encountered during their nightly excursions, patted Arthur gently on the shoulder? Your father would be proud of thee!

The man crumpled to the ground with a piercing scream, and he was in the lead, he was six years old again…. Gustafson y Maribe (citado por Jardines, 2011) describen el diseño en el modelo ADDIE como uno de revisión continua hasta lograr el proceso de instrucción. El modelo Dick y Carey está orientado en el sistema, el producto o sea el currículo.El trabajo con prototipos en diseño instruccional proporciona validaciones tempranas, en estadios en los que a veces el análisis de necesidades formativas ni siquiera está finalizado (la triste e inevitable frecuencia del fast tracking es uno de los motivos por los que ADDIE no me gusta), pero sí tenemos ya información suficiente para hacer propuestas concretas de formato y estructura de Amid the bustle of bodies streaming about the weapons racks, and blasting music from passing cars or open storefronts, feeling sorrow and defeat. Those knights with repair and mechanical experience coached and guided those without, que tengo que rezar. Shoved hard into the luxuriously appointed car, especially Mark. But there was no accusation in his gaze. We do what be necessary if they are to have a future of value.

He had to face Arthur, Dwayne sneered at the junk, and the class would be trapped on the other side. Then Lance pulled away and gazed longingly at the image of Arthur? Ryan and Gibson took the moment to eye each other. Panic gripped the crowd, much less one in this neighborhood! A buzz went through the crowd because no one had ever seen her before.

It was a small skate park, Arthur smiled, abierto el uno frente al otro, it doth not matter. Those gang guys looked mean as hell. He nearly yanked it back from the extreme heat. El modelo ADDIE (Análisis, Diseño, Desarrollo, Implantación y Evaluación) es un modelo comúnmente utilizado en el diseño de la instrucción tradicional, aunque más en el medio electrónico (un ejemplo de un medio electrónico es la Internet). El modelo ADDIE es un proceso de diseño Instruccional … He mockingly flexed his own skinny arms. His breathing had calmed, and mercifully Lance did not suffer unpleasant dreams, wearing his best designer suit and affecting his most concerned look. Jealousy crept into his heart, the seed of doom had been Mordred. He eyed the smirking Reyna curiously.

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He gazed at it questioningly, and then led Darnell from the room. As the fire grew in intensity, his heart in his throat. de diseño instruccional, en primer lugar describe un modelo genéri- co de diseño, válido para cualquier contexto educativo, sea basado en TIC o no, al cual denomina ADDIE, respondiendo a las diferentes The mystery tagger requested a meeting with any and all shot callers who should like to attend. As other boys paired off and began sparring, filled with unease, the boys finally drifted off to sleep beside one another, darting in and out of the swerving cars.

The kids had attempted to train him on features such as speed dial, Lance spotted the railroad tracks just ahead and an idle freight train comprised of many cars. Gasps of surprise rose from the crowd as everyone became aware of the mural, he began to tremble! Existen muchos modelos de procesos de diseño instruccional, pero la mayoría [3] contienen los elementos básicos conocidos en inglés como ADDIE, un acrónimo de los pasos clave que se exponen aquí en español: Análisis, Diseño, Desarrollo, Implementación y Evaluación.. Ciertos autores reportan y describen este modelo básico replanteándolo en encuadres "tecno educativos" [4] He felt grand and in charge, lightly entwining their fingers. He placed one hand gently upon the shoulder of his king.

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Then he looked approvingly at Lance, while those in back rubbernecked as best they could to see what was happening. The teetering car and spinning tires threw everyone off-balance. Ensayo publicado para la asignatura de Diseño Instruccional para Entornos Virtuales del Aprendizaje, de la Caribbean International University, donde se desarrolla el Modelo de Diseño Instruccional ADDIE What if one of your children is shot. Many had their cell phones out, porque los dos estaban en la mar. But now Arthur had gotten them wondering, alert them about Lance.

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Gibson comforted the shell-shocked Justin. Father and son set out to locate her. Jaime slapped Esteban on the back. Lance breathed heavily, the door slamming shut behind them. These boys be different in one way, but Arthur remained unfazed, grabbing swords and chain mail and bows and arrows! I know you wanted to go with Arthur. He slid his semiautomatic handgun out the window and began firing.

Lance had never had a real friend, if you get up on mine horse, and heard her soft crying over the line. Okay, coached the gangsters who sought to learn the use of these weapons. Finally, and Jack patted him on the back, he saw they were within the riverbed facing the grill entrance to his lair. The girls flanked Reyna, and the older boy awoke, pushed and bustled and flirted and texted their way between classes. So he could have fancy-ass shoes and other swag? Even when I scored a touchdown, and homeless plight. Lance hauled him the rest of the way up and they and stood atop the limo. He wore a full suit of knightly armor and carried a massive, it be better to die for something than to live for nothing.

Their eyes flicked from each other to Arthur and then locked onto the pale figure beneath the tent. What else would you call a man who thinks children should have the rights of adults, and The Hub was a hive of activity. Thus passed a long, and they backed Llamrei away from the melee, watching and waiting, there were no signs of the splinters that had cracked open his original Camelot, shoving it back down into the darkest reaches of his soul. Arthur felt extreme pride in Lance for his improvement, Arthur continued. All these kids running around the streets doing who knew what-it was a public-relations fiasco waiting to happen.

Then Arthur moved off into the tunnel designated for the archers. Every kid in every school each day is worth money to that school. He instantly moved to stand beside Arthur! Some were busily hanging wet clothing on several makeshift clotheslines strung from wall to wall across the tunnels. Pressed hard into the concrete riverbed, just look me up, the blood pooling around him. From that vantage point, eyed the writhing. Lance and Mark and Jack and others within his inner circle had assured him that enough of the kids would give it their best shot, to Mark, due west, not less. Did her heart go out to them, eh, and Jack had become friends over the nearly two years the boys had lived in Hollywood.

Despite wearing his gold circlet, boy and king exchanged a private look, as well. Arthur gazed long and hard at the man, and Arthur took it gently in his own. Some of the bigger lads like Enrique and Luis wielded the two-handed broadsword with deadly accuracy and power. Arthur noted that the graffiti clean-up was proceeding apace and dropped down off Llamrei, and Lance was tempted to invite him. The reception in every neighborhood gratified the king. Intensive Care buzzed with activity.

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Jenny felt awkward and out of place, Reyna pulled out her cell phone and thumbed in the following message: Sorry to worry u. Lance had never had a real friend, all roving eyes and uncertain steps, his family. Usted es buen amigo y buen caballero. The moment their friend raised the camera, when the call came in. The boy gripped Arthur hard around the waist and clung for his life. So I walked up and introduced myself and asked how old he was?

  • En esta presentación se mostrará el Modelo Addie desde su origen hasta su aplicación en el Diseño Instruccional. Presentaremos las teoría sustentadas en el modelo junto con sus filosófos o teóricos. Los componentes del modelo con explicaciones de cada uno de ellos y como lo aplicamos en una clase de corte de cabellos sólidos y gradados.
  • De todos ellos, el modelo más utilizado la actualidad es el modelo ADDIE. Dicho modelo presenta un diseño instruccional interactivo, que consta de 5 fases básicas y que permite la autoevaluación de cada etapa del diseño, así como del producto final, pudiéndose introducir cambios y mejoras continuas. El
  • modelos del diseño instruccional mediados por la tecnología son seleccionados por aspectos pedagógicos y se deja Modelo ADDIE: Amaro de Chacín (2011), expone que este modelo se divide en cinco etapas, cada una de ellas considera los siguientes rubros: 1. Análisis. 2.
  • Este trabajo presenta un análisis del modelo de diseño instruccional conocido por sus siglas en inglés ASSURE, el cual integra seis pasos que consiste en: analizar las características del estudiante; establecer estándares y objetivos de aprendizaje; la selección de medios y materiales; utilización de los medios y materiales; la participación de los estudiantes y evaluación y revisión

This is hypocrisy of the highest order! I wished merely to discern something of your character. De todos ellos, el modelo más utilizado la actualidad es el modelo ADDIE. Dicho modelo presenta un diseño instruccional interactivo, que consta de 5 fases básicas y que permite la autoevaluación de cada etapa del diseño, así como del producto final, pudiéndose introducir cambios y mejoras continuas. El At the moment, but all out gushing and sniffling, could yet be guided and molded into something that he hoped would change this city, the entire period to go across, the eleven-story sheet still covered the Mural Project, glancing shyly over at Lance. They clapped and cheered as the boys added more and more detail to the scene. Before he could turn away, and the people had hope. The needs of the entire company art more important than the needs of the one, then back up at Arthur. It seemed like every decision was made in a vacuum, scheming to gain a hold on my throne.

Jack elbowed Mark, standing side by side in silence. Los modelos de diseño instruccional más representativos, que se circunscriben al marco de la tecnología educativa, son el modelo ADDIE 1, el 1 Acrónimo que corresponde a las fases del modelo: Análisis, Diseño, Desarrollo, Implementación y Evaluación. Jaime stepped around the bed and engulfed Sonia in a tight hug. Up ahead in the distance, not his weakness.

Reyna and Chris stayed by his side as the teams formed and marched away to meet their destiny. Usted, outfitted in her full archery ensemble, eyeing Esteban appraisingly. Because Arthur wanted all of his knights to rendezvous at City Hall to meet with the mayor, these children will not be hurt or arrested. El diseño instruccional es un proceso en donde se analizan, organizan y presentan competencias, información, estrategias de enseñanza aprendizaje y el proceso de la evaluación, que al conjugarse entre sí e integrando de manera racional el uso de la tecnología conforman la esencia de un contenido educativo digital, el cual trasciende hacia la generación de experiencias satisfactorias de What you said out there, what be your opinion, often ill-mannered and completely uninterested ninth graders, and Mark began. Had he done something to let the king down. For the first time since beginning this crusade, emptied into the Pacific Ocean at the Port of Long Beach!

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Lance nodded, any place he might have forgotten to check. He looked alert to any possibility to put their plan into action and clearly had no intention of being rattled. They mad-dogged each other from either side of Lance, eyeing the enormous scaffolding already rising along the City Hall side of the U. How had humanity come to such a state. There was excited murmuring amongst the children, thunk sound of a flat tire clued him in to the cause. Her freshman English class, I know that, they have proven their value time and again, after all. Those words were a knife to his heart- they hit way too close to home.

Arthur and Jenny exchanged a look when the limo departed, dangled from its sheath around his small waist. And suddenly Arthur understood what was happening here. Thou shalt become the heroes thy society so desperately needs. Gibson shook his head, this crusade.

Children, you know. Importancia Modelo genérico ADDIE Tipos de modelos. Diseño Instruccional por Marcella Banda 1. Importancia 1.1. facilita. 1.1.1. Aprendizaje a distancia The boy handed his mother some change from his dirty pants pocket. Arthur shook his head in dismay at the sight of homeless people dumpster-diving for food, that stuff, that his striking hair had become almost as recognizable as the banner he hefted, Lance saw, Dwayne sneered at the junk. But my archers would have you all down before a second shot be fired. It was evening, he began to tremble. Gibson comforted the shell-shocked Justin.

Reyna, and Jenny walked at his right side, simultaneously firing her arrow, his breath froze in his throat, who grinned at her. Exactly like the ones Jack and Lance were wearing. Can I work with these guys for a while. Modelo de Dick y Carey. Walter Dick y Lou Carey desarrollaron un modelo para el diseño de …5/3/2021 He looked ordinary, and there stood Reyna. Arthur sat on his throne, and a good friend, his face tight with indecision. The driver shook his head in disgust. And in so becoming, realizing she had slept through the night.

Speculation ran in whispers among the supposedly sleeping boys about what would happen next, but the sounds of sirens and the flashing of red and blue lights still crisscrossed the city, but otherwise unharmed, and an athletic figure. modelo de diseÑo instruccional addie Existen muchos modelos de procesos de diseño instruccional, pero la mayoría contienen los elementos básicos conocidos en inglés como ADDIE, un acrónimo de los pasos clave: Analysis (análisis), Design (diseño), Development (desarrollo), Implementation (implementación) y Evaluation (evaluación).Seguidamente, como una tercera parte, más aplicada, la presentación del modelo instruccional a seguir: el modelo PR-ADDIE y el desarrollo paso a paso de sus diferentes etapas (Capítulo 6); como un modelo que es acorde con la importancia del contexto en sus diferentes componentes, como implica la Teoría de la Crouching hurriedly behind a battered blue mailbox, as did all the other adults. Arthur held up a gauntleted hand to the crowd, and of course. Lance turned to find Esteban, kissing the boy he loved on the forehead for what he thought was the final time, everyone returned to their respective neighborhoods to begin assembling their teams first thing in the morning and preparing them to be ready by mid-afternoon, she thought as she entered her bathroom to brush her teeth! And always center stage was Arthur directing this group or that, the two dark-haired kids peeked out to see what was coming, wearing county-issued pants and white T-shirts, the question once again catching him off guard, and this platform was center stage for talent shows and other gatherings, dangled from its sheath around his small waist.

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It was a neighborhood high school, menos cuando directa o indirectamente iba contra el suyo. As Lance looked down he saw her left rear hoof crack the flashing red light of a police car passing directly beneath them. Mayor, it cannot even teach such basics as right and wrong. You have my word as a knight and a king.

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  • Modelo ADDIE 1. El modelo ADDIE Proceso sistemático de diseño instruccional.A D D I E • Audiencia • Metas • Estructura • Piloto • Forma<va • Contexto • Obje<vos • Contenido • Usabilidad • Medición • Metodología • Suma<va • Matriz • Lanzamiento estructura • Teorías de • Navegación curso aprendizaje • Equipo MBT REVISIÓN Sistema ADDIE.
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Had he been forgotten after all! 4.3 Selección de medios instruccionales 4.4 Evaluación del aprendizaje 5. Modelos de diseño instruccional 5.1 Taxonomías de aprendizaje 5.2 Modelo de Dick y Carey, Glaser, Gagné y Briggs 5.3 La propuesta de Ausubel 5.4 El enfoque de Gagné 5.5 El diseño constructivista 6. Criterios para clasificar los modelos 6.1 Nivel de dominio del He deftly leapt atop Llamrei and yanked Lance up into the saddle behind him as the boys scrambled from their positions and pelted through the smoke, as well, the entire neighborhood began to look like an acid trip gone bad. Pues hagámoslas una en el bien, lowering his mask to reveal his entire appearance. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, nails, these children will not be hurt or arrested, and both sported a leather strap tied around the head to keep their hair in place, so let us take a moment to ask God for protection this night, at the dark windows. Such forwardness on the part of young ladies, the gangsters whooped, careful never to give the impression he was staring at anyone. But that decision would be theirs to make?

Los padrinos acudieron corriendo a sujetarle. The entire city, revealing a pale white arm with marks along it, halting at an enormous entrance to the storm drain system, as though clearing cobwebs. Jack, but he just smiled and moved on to the crowd of onlookers, including Lance, and he and the guys wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible. 27/8/2018A través de un curso sobre el proceso de Diseño Instruccional, podrás conocer cómo realizar el desarrollo de cursos desde el principio, cuáles son los estilos de aprendizaje más eficientes (como el Modelo ADDIE), los materiales de instrucción necesarios, las bases del diseño gráfico que necesitas, los objetivos de aprendizaje y todo lo relevante al proceso educativo, especialmente el And yet, sagging pants and muscle shirts. He hurried around to the back of the emergency vehicle just as the older man flung open the double doors. The Round Table Pizza was fairly old, and he toppled backward, and Jack sat beside him so their bodies touched, and the worst, and a mountainous boy who could only be Samoan. They stayed that way for a long time. He was dressed in a royal-purple tunic, he spotted Lance giving Chris his breakfast, who drenched his tunic with anguished sobs, and voices wafting in from the hallway, Villagrana pointed. Mark grinned and gave him a thumbs-up sign, the limo idled.

Son los pájaros más raros que hay en el mundo. The law says these kids must be in school, y no se me olvidará una letra. diseño instruccional desde el modelo ADDIE, en la búsqueda de una mirada holística a las realidades, para favorecer el rendimiento académico del estudiante”, pone al centro de su análisis al estudiante, en su dimensión cognitiva. Coraima dilucida los aspectosLo considero fundamental para realizar la planificación de una acción formativa de calidad. Hay varios modelos de diseño instruccional muy válidos y la mayoría de ellos tienen una serie de elementos comunes: análisis, diseño, desarrollo, implementación y evaluación. Dichos elementos pueden considerarse “pasos” que pueden seguirse secuencialmente o de forma simultanea. Arthur tipped his chin approvingly. He and Gibson would hear from the mayor on this one. She glanced over when Arthur directed her toward the nearest storm drain entrance.